Space Arena
Build and fight
Simulator Space Arena

It's the mass multi-user game, where you can design and build your spaceships in the far far future. Players should be fighting with the real players in the Space Arena. They will grow up in the rating of space warriors and win rewards and recognition.

Soon we're planning to publish new additional gameplay "Clan's battle". It will be fabulous! Players can join to the big fleet and participate the great fight.

Target group
Men, 25-35 years old, having interest in Space, The Engineering and Star Wars.

Russian, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japan, Korean.
Average gaming sessions
up to 20 minutes
form style
Logo, banners and screenshot
Our features
Quick async multiplayer
Don't wait for your friends. Play wherever you want. You create own rules.
Free to play
Play free. Don't pay for the game now. You can be the king of the Arena without money. All you need is build the best ship and win. Earn Celestium and Credits, buy the best weapons and defense. But do it wisely.
You are spaceship designer
Victory depends on you. You decide what ship and weapons are the best. It's not easy your enemy builds the best ship too.
User reviews
You guys have endless possibilities of what you can accomplish with this game, huge fan! The customization of the ships makes it fun and unique, keep up the good work!
Garrhet Smith
A great game all around. A game that anyone can play but only the best can succeed. I love it because you have to balance defense with offense and balance what weapons you need so you can't be countered. But when you find the perfect design for your ship and win a few rounds in a row you know you...
Yuri Romanov
Great game cant stop playing
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